The Top 10 Android Development Company in the US in the First Half Of 2019

The Top 10 Android Development Company in the US in the First Half Of 2019

We are living in a modern age which is ruled by smartphones.

Nowadays, there are apps for pretty much anything you need. From shopping to gaming to movies, everything you can think of has an app for it. Businesses are using mobile apps as a platform to reach to their customers.

It’s no wonder, there are so many android development companies sprouting up. And with the stiff competition that exists between Android and iOS, statistics reveal that Android has a bigger fanbase than iOS.

So, for someone who wants to expand their consumer base, a dedicated Android app for your business will come a long way. But to do that, you have to find a good android development company.
Here are the top ten companies that offer mobile application development services in the U.S


1.    Solution Analysts 

It was established in 2011, and for the last eight years, it has been developing app quality and performance.

This android development company may not be as big as its competitors, but it has achieved so much through the few years it has been in the industry.

Solution Analysts like the name suggest is committed to helping their clients find the right application development solutions to their businesses. It has an in house team of skilled android app developers, and one thing we love about it is its commitment to meeting deadlines without sacrificing the quality.

This enterprise is highly sought because it integrates modern tool and cutting edge technologies like VR to provide its clients with the best mobile app services in the U.S.

The company takes a personal approach to each customer’s needs and from this many start-ups and small businesses have grown with 360- degree IT solutions.


2.    Consagous Technologies 

Consagous is well known for its best class application development solutions.

The company offers both iOS and Android native app development services. This enterprise is known for offering top-notch services for business application through its professional app developers.

Consagous is located in Texas. The company’s goal has always been to provide outstanding app development solutions to all types of businesses. And for the last ten years, it has been in the industry, Consagous has lived to that reputation.

3.    Raizlabs 

This android development company was recently named as Rightpoint.

Founded in 2003, it deals with almost anything technology related. Rightpoint takes a unique approach when designing each client’s app. It is strategy oriented, and it’s backed up with the latest tools and technology.

One thing that makes Raizlabs unique is how fast it executes projects to create a feature backed app for its customers. This is one of those companies to hire if you need speedy innovations.


4.    App Partner

Located in Brooklyn, App Partner has worked with many companies, including Fortune 500 and small start-ups.

This enterprise is backed with a team, of skilled designers, developers, and engineers. And they offer a range of mobile development services for various platforms such as Android, iOS and many more.  Some of the apps they’ve created include Bleacher and GoTenna, which until now are still rated the best-designed apps in the market.

Thanks to their efficient services, App Partner has created long-lasting relationships with its clients.


5.    Swenson He 

Founded in 2014, Swenson He is widely known for designing high impact mobile app solutions.

This mobile application development company website is equipped with experienced developers who can create sophisticated mobile apps for Android platforms. The company prioritizes all developmental aspects from conception to completion.

Their apps are uniquely designed, interactive, and contain many useful features to suit clients’ needs.

6.    Envative 

Envative is a reliable android development company based in New York. It offers custom solutions for your app development needs through the help of a dedicated team that designs the UI/UX to improve user experience.

Envative impresses the market with their timely and reliable nature, not forgetting high-quality services.


7.    Willow Tree INC

Many businesses vouch for Willow Tree INC for various reasons. Apart from being an innovative agency that understands how important digital products are for a business, the company offers excellent customer support and expert services.

App development is not their only field of specialization, other things they do include mobile marketing, prototyping, branding, and product designing services.


8.    Unified Infotech INC

If you want your app to be up and running in a short while, they are the right people to contact.

Unified Infotech delivers results on time without compromising the quality. The company has been helping clients just like you develop an app for their business since 2010. With a cutting edge technology and a team of qualified developers, this enterprise will meet your expectations and create an app that even your customers will appreciate.

You don’t have to spend so much buying a readymade Android App while you can hire Unified Infotech to design one for you at an affordable price.

Regardless of the application you want, whether a social networking or an ecommerce one, you can trust the company to deliver a quality product within a perfect schedule.


9.    The Sneakers Agency

This New York Based enterprise focuses on designing innovative app solution to its clientele.

Mostly their key focus is on the design aspect to create a user-friendly application. The Agency also offers customized solutions in web and systems.

The impressive thing about this organization is that they develop tailored software solutions for businesses in different sectors.


10.    AppSquadz 

Reliability, high quality, and exemplary customer support is what this organization offers its customers. The company develops apps for numerous mobile services, thanks to its certified professionals.

AppSquadz is well equipped with a team of designers, developers, and testing experts who ensure that they provide you with high-quality service.
The above are the best development agencies in the U.S. But, when it comes to choosing an android development company, it’s best that you measure your budget and research if the processes a particular organization uses will suit you well.

Also, it’s wise that you avoid sticking with one agency. Experts advise that you speak to at least three or four agencies then you can decide which one suits you best.

We at also provide android/iOS app development services worldwide for a fraction of cost. Feel free to contact us anytime.


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