Have you sought after development by top-notch engineers but bound by limited cost?

Have you entrusted your development to any outsourcing companies but your project ended up dissatisfactory?

Have you owned any outsourced projects that hasn't been maintained after the outsoucring period ended?

Have you made a wrong choice by employing incapables who couldn't finish a project properly or be dispatched properly, which led to project incompletion and rigid employment?

Have you been in lack of assistance by project manager, senior engineers, UI designer, etc, but unable to find any help in a short notice?

If any of the descriptions above fits you, you will be fully interested in our service!

Remote Engineer Dispatch (R.E.D.) by Osbay

Flexable, On demand Solutions

  • Structure
  • PM
  • UI/ UX
  • Maintain

Osbay's Remote Engineer Dispatch (R.E.D.) provides the engineer service solution with best cost-performance, which will allow you to develop extraordinary products under lean cost structure. From simple programming to full platform construction, our engineers are able to devote their rich experiences and mighty development skills to you at any phase of your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Programming, Design and Maintenace Features


  • asp.net
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • HTML 5
  • Android
  • iOS


  • Website (Native / Wordpress)
  • Online Shop
  • Online chat
  • Video Call
  • ERP


Optimized user experience depends on the integrity of system architecture.

Applications, websites, games, mobile apps, everywhere.

Balance can be reached among full project deatils, simplicity on programming and maintenance for programmers, and operations by users. Our system architecture and planning makes your dream into reality.

Project Manager (PM)

Every project cannot become great without finesse by project managers.

Our project managers, with responsibility and professionalism on programming, conducts management, communicates on protocol and expenses, and manage costs, allowing you to monitor projects without miss.

Front-End & UX/UI Designers

Looks on front-end can be the most volatile part, as images of your business may be deterined at first glance of product.

Out extremely experienced front-end engineers and UX/UI designers blends their design flairs into clients' requests, creating operation interfaces, webpages and layouts with beauty and function that will facilitate business images.


Projects and products may look gorgeous on the seen parts, subsequent maintenance are vital sectors.

No matter it's the product developed by us, platforms needing extra attenion developed by others, or, even more, projects discontinued due to stiff nature of conventional outsourcing model, we are there for you.

System maintenance, feature change, upgrade, and more can be tended to by us, as we hold expertise on hardware & software solutions and subsequent maintenance.

Online estimation

Know the cost for hiring our engineers every month via online estimation.

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