Web Based Application Development Services – What, Why and How to Build It?

web application development

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Custom Web Based Application Development Services – What, Why and How to Build It?

When we talk of web-based application in a broad perspective, it can be defined as any type of application which uses a website as a front-end, which allows users to access the application through any kind of device. Compared to software applications this is the complete opposite since one needs to download a software application manually on their device in order to use it.

The benefits that come with this software is that it provides great functionality overall because it provides users with excellent flexibility, and users also have the ability to roll out patches and updates through the cloud.

Google is one of the companies that have topped the web-based application development industry through the Chrome browser. This has helped to facilitate web application development that has been created through the open source that companies utilize for targeting digital users.


Web Application Development Technologies

web application development
Web Application Development Technologies

When creating web applications, there are two major categories of coding that are used. They include scripting and also programming.

  1. Client-side scripting – this is known as the client side coding and is usually interpreted or executed by the browsers. Any visitor can be able to view the client side scripting by clicking on the “view source” on the menu of source code. The various types of technologies used in client scripting include; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Moo Tools, Dojo Toolkit. JQuery, Moo Tools, and Dojo Toolkit are JavaScript frameworks which are usually used in Ajax development.
  2. Serve side coding – this is the code that is executed by the browser. It cannot be viewed or accessed by the general public or visitor. The technologies involved in this area include; PHP (usually combined with MySQL), Zend framework, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and also Python.


Benefits of Web Application Development Software

web application development
Benefits of Web Application Development Software

Custom web applications come with their own benefits which provide a good reason as to why you should consider using them.

  • They provide users with easy accessibility to your company or organization’s system through a web browser which can be defined as a uniform environment.
  • Web applications are extremely easy to maintain as users are presented with the ability to access the latest updates directly through the online platform and this can be through any type of device.
  • Web applications also have the potential of handling plenty of workloads because they are lighter compared to the traditional software, therefore, can run on all devices, even ones that are considered “less powerful” yet still manage to maintain the exact same functionality.
  • Development of web apps provides flexible options to choose from when looking for a company to help you out on the process.


Web Application Development Services

When looking for a web application development company, there are plenty of options to choose from. The good thing about these companies is that some of them even provide you with web application development platforms when building your web app. Here we’ll get to discuss 5 example companies that can help you with development services.

  1. Raizlabs
web application development

Raizlabs is a company that provides designing and building Web apps, Android, iOS, for big brands and even startups. The company also provides strategic services to guide you with technical implementations, as well as emerging tech services like Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), Research and Development, and Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Osbay
Agile development

Osbay is also an outsourcing custom software development service company that provides services like; mobile app development, Q&A testing, custom software development, agile product development, and even technical support services.

  1. iTechArt
web application development

iTechArt is a custom software development company that provides web development, mobile development, and also Q&A testing services. The company’s main aim is to help fast-growing tech companies, as well as VC-backed startups, build scalable and successful products that will result in a positive review from users.

  1. Intellectsoft
web application development

Intellectsoft is a software development company that provides services such as DevOps, Quality Assurance, Consulting, Mobile Development, Team extension, UI and UX design, and product engineering.

  1. Big Drop
web application development
BigDrop Inc

Big Drop Inc. is a digital agency which specializes in custom development, web design, mobile application development, and digital marketing. The company is headquartered in New York and is one the top rated in NYC.



In general, to people who ask whether they should outsource development or hire a developer, the right answer really depends on the situation. With Osbay though, there’s no risk. Send an inquiry today get a quote free of charge. Come to see what we can do for you.

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