What does the future hold for custom software development trends?

custom software development trends

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What does the future hold for custom software development trends?


In the 17th century, the ability of young businesses was determined by their capacity to intensify their operations, use, and process the full amount of resources needed to get the best results. Currently, Big Data Analytics and other methods of processing information dominate. What leads to business success today is its capability to gather high-quality data and transform it into quality information. This information is useful in understanding your current situation and making predictions.

IoT advancement, Blockchain Technology, Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligent are some of the most well-received custom software development services by the largest companies and new businesses. So, what is the future of these technologies for developing software and any software development company? Above all, what is the role of a custom software company and other IT specialists in the advancement of trends of custom software development in the future?

This article tries to answer these questions by taking each of the custom software development services mentioned above and explain various elements that make it applicable and some of its flaws. Here we go!


Can IoT And Blockchain Change Service and Business Networks

custom software development trends

IoT and Blockchain are two most agile software development services. Blockchain can lead to decentralization and new transparency levels in business functioning, but IoT might be the leading player in this field. It is basically a software development company that allows you to link all other technologies together. So, you can include everything in your software development services list, and it will still produce excellent results.

These custom software development services will likely be crucial in the future where interlinked networks will hold user information and play a combined role of product and service delivery to the consumers through a medium of transparent and secure systems.


Will Mixed Reality Become the New Business-Customer Interaction Mediums?

custom software development trends
Business-Customer Interaction

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) prices are expected to be about $34.08 billion and $60.55 billion respectively by 2023. The figures show a significant increment in the value of AR in the future. This is because AR custom software development services have greater potentials for application and growth in future when compared to VR.

VR’s limited application may hinder its growth in the future. However, these two platforms will still be applied in future due to their use as mediums for business-customer interactions. Soon, AR could be utilized as guides that can be accessed using smartphones for navigating through to give procedures or discover new places. On the other hand, VR would redefine e-learning and worker training practices that currently exist in institutions and organizations.


There are several Mixed Reality custom software development services online that you can use to learn more about this.


Can Artificial Intelligence Become More Effective Than Humans Due to Machine Learning?

custom software development trends
Artificial Intelligent (AI)


In the recent past, Amazon had to abandon an Artificial Intelligent (AI) tool developed to help in their recruitment services through data analytics and Machine learning. The reason behind that was that this customized software solution had an issue concerning women, which resulted in the selection of more males than females when recruiting in the technical posts.

The lesson learned from the example above is that Artificial Intelligence still has a long way to go to be as good as a human. Perhaps people are failing to understand themselves entirely and that’s what gets reflected on custom software development services like the one above.

While the software could recognize the best action to take in various scenarios, it could not realize bias which is what humans recognize and not the tools. The general human mind has various psychological biases that affect their decision making. So, you don’t expect them to create an AI tool that is objective.

The best way to develop and understand AI for custom software development agencies is considering it as a tool for offering human intelligence rather than its replacement. Machine Learning can do more than the humans can do, but it will never replace the worth of emotions in human.



We are headed towards the networking era. A future where everything is interconnected and changing one element can affect all the others. This is evident today since entrepreneurs looking towards building profitable businesses find it hard to make their ideas work using a single strategy.

So, as a future entrepreneur or a business owner, it is up to you to make use of the various custom software development technologies and services available or fall victim to your competitors. With Osbay though, there’s no risk. Send an inquiry today get a quote free of charge. Come to see what we can do for you.

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