Software QA Testing: 9 Essential Principles

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 Software QA Testing: 9 Essential Principles

Software quality assurance testing is an engineering process that focuses on the quality measure of a system, thereby ensuring that the application meets the expectations of the end-user. As such, it is known to be an extremely essential activity.

This is mainly because the processes of maintaining and developing software are known to have a common introduction of defects. There are certain reasons that would lead to software defects as outlined below.

  • Changes in the requirements
  • The pressure to complete the project
  • The misinterpretation and miscommunication of requirements
  • Developers’ mistakes
  • Modern applications complexities

The main purpose of most software quality assurance activities is finding any defects. Regression of testing is also included to ensure the functionality of the application evolves without regression over time.

Also, in the mitigation of risk, testing the specific logic and behavior of your business is really important in ensuring that your application is working according to how you would want it to. Highlighted below are principles that will assure one gets optimum results whenever they carry out a software testing service.


QA Testing Principles

  1. Check on Defects Earlier to Avoid Expenses

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Check on Defects Earlier to Avoid Expenses

Defects are extremely risky in the development of your QA testing interview questions. Especially when they are found later in the development cycle, they tend to be more expensive. As the software reaches the production phase the cost of defects grows and this even becomes worse in later stages. Therefore, don’t wait to test before you release the software.


  1. Clustering Defect

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Clustering Defect

Defect clustering states that most defects detected are only contained in a small number of modules, meaning that 20 percent of the modules contain an approximate of 80 percent of the problems. The problem of this approach is that repetition of tests over and over again results in not finding any bugs.


  1. Adopt Beneficial Practices

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Adopt Beneficial Practices

One thing you need to do is to adopt practices which will help in improving the quality of your software. It is complex and challenging to develop software, and especially because each and every technology has its own practices of reaching high-quality standards. Therefore, it is essential that you seek out the right practices and implement them accordingly.


  1. Exhaustive Tests are Impossible

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Exhaustive Tests are Impossible

It is impossible for exhaustive testing; therefore, the optimal amount of testing based on the assessment of the application’s risk might be a good option. But how do you determine such a risk? One way would be to perform a multi-tasking activity which will lead you to defect clustering.

  1. Component Testing

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Component Testing

Testing your components is also very important to ensure they all work properly for integration into your solution. Component testing ensures the quality of your software, thereby improving the performance.


  1. Test with Users

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Test with Users

Involving users to test out your application is also another great principle you need to consider, to improve on the efficiency. If the system does not fulfill the user needs and expectations, then fixing defects does not provide any help. Have users test out the application and let them voice their opinions, to help in improving it.


  1. The Fallacy of “Absence of Error”

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“Absence of Error”

If you test out a system thoroughly for the wrong requirements, there is a possibility that it might turn out to be 99% bug-free but still be unusable. Software testing is a way to show that the application addresses the needs of the business and not just finding defects.


  1. Have a Testing Strategy to Save on Costs

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Testing Strategy to Save on Costs

One thing to make sure you save on costs that might be incurred from defects is to have a strategy which helps in testing effectively. One way you can do this is choosing a platform which automates various functions with testing being one of them. Get estimate at Osbay. They will contact you ASAP.


  1. Consider DevOps Practices

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Consider DevOps Practices

There is pressure for modern businesses on staying ahead of their competition, meaning they have to deliver value fast. This result in daily deployments and DevOps can really come in handy in this case. One thing you need to note about this, however, is that you need to closely monitor the processes to ensure the software quality is improved continuously.

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