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Mobile apps have become an important part of every company, especially in today’s world where everything has gone digital. Due to this, it is essential that you get the best app development company, and this is one of the main challenges for companies in Europe.

Finding the best app development companies have become a very big problem. This is mainly the reason why we have decided to compile a list of the top 10 best app development companies in Europe.

By reading this, choosing the best app and software development company won’t be as difficult as it was before.



This company specializes in app development, SI, IoT, BI as well as big data consultation services. It was initially opened in 2009 and is also located in Manchester in the UK.

This company has a well-trained and qualified team that is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their competitive advantage through technology.


This company was found in the year 2005, it has its headquarters in Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

This company specializes in UI/UX, development software examples, analytics as well as testing. They have excelled creating, testing, as well as providing mobile banking apps with support services.



This company is known as one of the best top 10 app development companies in Europe. It also specializes in website and software development process.

It focuses on providing solutions for enterprise-level organizations. It was found in 1998 and has a team of over 200 people who put their complete dedication, resource management as well as seamless communication to make sure that their customers get what they pay for.



This is an app development company based in New York. It specializes in websites, mobile app development, and software development pdf.

Its main goal is to produce attractive products for their customers that are also easy to use.

One of its success is that it creates a bidding style app, this was meant for a company that was dealing with nightlife reservations. They made sure that the app was made according to the needs of the company.




INFINUM is a software development and software development life cycle company, it is located in San Francisco in California. They also have experience in mobile app development as well as website development.

They work with companies from various fields, from automated to financial enterprises. For its startup, it was able to rebuild a flight booking app.



This is one of the best and award-winning top 10 app development companies in Europe. It is also one of the leading software development companies with a team of more than 130.

It has its headquarters in Sunnyvale California. It specializes in mobile app development putting more attention to the experience of the user.



This company began operating in the year 2007 and has a team of more than 200 people. The company has specialized in multi-platform software as completely device innovation with its headquarters in London. It was successful enough to create an app for an energy company in Norway.



This is website Development Company and well as app development with its headquarters in New York and some offices in Croatia. It is a company with a team of more than 50 people, even though the team is not that big, they always come up with award-winning mobile products.



A company whose headquarters is in Palo Alton in California. This company is geared towards offering the best engineering solutions for companies globally.

It helps companies to quickly adopt emerging technologies. The company began in 2007 and has a number of offices in the UK, Eastern Europe, the US and the Nordic region.



This company was found in 2010. It is a company consisting of a team of 50 plus. The team consists of website developers, mobile app designers as well as other developers that are based in London.

The company develops the bespoke software and integrated with the other software solutions to come up with a good user experience for customers.

If you are looking to outsource website and app development companies in Europe, these are some of the best companies you can always consider working with.

You can also choose to go for which is also a good android/iOS app development and software development company, they are very affordable and deliver the best.

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