Top 5 Software Outsourcing Trends for 2020

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Top 5 Software Outsourcing Trends for 2020


The future of IT outsourcing by projection will continue to rise in the coming years. As research indicates, more businesses will choose to outsource their service to specialist providers. How technology will change the future of IT outsourcing is not yet clear, although every pointer is clear some of the developing trends of software development will continue to dominate the market in 2019. In fact, IT outsourcing will prove to be the biggest changer in 2019. The software development industry is facing tremendous changes as new technologies crop in. This tendency has led to the development of new trends that will dominate 2019.

Understanding the next trend in software technology outsourcing is one of the most overwhelming tasks developers have today. In this guide, we look at the outsourcing trends in 2019 including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud storage, progressive web apps.


  1. Cybersecurity

Outsourcing trends

Today, almost every business has a digital presence, thus they are all at risk of a cyber-attack. According to the Pokémon study, almost half of small business organization have experienced some type of cyber-attack over the past years. Additionally, most of the attacks involve the use of automated software that is used to search for vulnerable computers and networks. Amongst the global outsourcing trends, cyber security will likely dominate software development trends in the foreseeable future. For software developers, they understand that IT outsourcing trends 2019 have to feature security details in their applications. If not, users will opt to choose from the alternative which re available.

Moreover, software can face different security flaws including authentication problems, insecure data storage, and data leakages. In order to be safe, users should only download apps on the play store to avoid spoofing and cyber-attacks.


  1. Artificial Intelligence


Outsourcing trends
Artificial Intelligence


Most developers right now consider the option of including artificial intelligence in their apps in 2019. If you are looking for outsourcing trends, then Osbay should be the best company for outsourcing mobile apps and other custom-made software. The most fondly sought after outsourcing trends is AI. AI is an effective way of automating multiple processes. Business applications require the presence of AI features for all the tasks to run smoothly. Most organizations have announced that they will start using artificial intelligence outsourcing trends in 2019.

Currently, business outsourcing trends 2019 include the use of chatbots and robotics to offer services to clients. The AI in use right now includes digital assistants like Siri and Amazon Alexa. The purpose of the above assistants is to provide support to people, but the future of these technology guarantees that the robots will have a great impact on people’s daily lives.


  1. Progressive Web Apps

Outsourcing trends
Progressive Web Apps

Most experts project that progressive web apps will be the greatest outsourcing trends in 2019. Developers from both Google and Microsoft have already included PWA in their browser development versions. Additionally, companies in the health, banking, and e-commerce will be the first ones to use the software based on PWA. Progressive Web Apps can be developed with low cost.

If Ou is looking for the best way to create a news software for your organization, then it is essential to follow the new outsourcing trends, that outsources your services. As an organization, you can opt for offshore, onshore or nearshore outsourcing models.


  1. Blockchain Technology

Outsourcing trends
Blockchain technology

For the last two years, blockchain has become a hot topic because of Bitcoin. However, the technology has its application beyond crypto currency and bitcoin. The blockchain is referred to the peer-to-peer network interconnected PCS for storing information or data which cannot be stolen or modified by anyone. It is a distributed ledger technology that removes the need for central entities.

Furthermore, blockchain technology is quickly gaining grounds as all industries are adopting it or planning to adopt it. With IT infrastructure outsourcing trends changing, business process outsourcing trends 2019 are adopting this technology that allows authentication of large-scale transactions in no time by removing the unnecessary intermediaries.


  1. Low code Development

Outsourcing trends
Low code development

Low code development is one of the most touted outsourcing trends in 2019 by some of the future enterprise applications. The process targets to remove or reduce the amount of hard coding. Besides, it looks to automate as much coding as possible. That can be used almost for everything including Omni channel play forms and legacy platforms. Moreover, it has numerous merits that are impossible for cash-strapped organizations to wish away including improved agility and risk management.


Summing It Up

IT outsourcing services are expected to grow in 2019. Nonetheless, businesses should take note security of their systems. Cyber-attacks are becoming very rampant and having a seasoned company like do a quality test on your systems is key to ensuring that you are safe from attacks. Besides, you can hire them to do custom made systems that fit your business needs. As technology changes, the organization should also be ready to embrace the changes lest they are left behind. With Osbay though, there’s no risk. Send an inquiry today get a quote free of charge. Come to see what we can do for you.

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