What is Web Application Development & How to Do It

web application development

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What is Web Application Development & How to Do It


What is Web Application Development

web application development
Web Application Development

Web application development is the process of creating applications that are stored in remote servers and can be accessed by the intended users through various devices such as computers and mobile phones over the internet. The web application that is created does not necessarily have to be downloaded, as access to it can be facilitated easily through the internet. Finally, the said intended user can then access the intended web application through internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. These applications, additionally, are also written in a variety of programming languages, depending on the intended users and functionality. Various programming languages used include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Good examples of such web applications include mobile banking applications, shopping apps, online platform games, etc.


Additionally, there are two main web application development technologies that are used when coding and programming these web applications, and these include:


1.) Client-side Scripting/Coding–  using this type of code means that the lines of code written are executed on the client’s side, that is, via the browser. It also means that when this is used, the client in question can view the code used. Some examples of Client-Side Scripting technologies used include:


– CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)


– JavaScript


– Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)


2.) Server Side Scripting/Coding–    using this type of code means that the code is executed on the server side. When this type of code is used, the client cannot view the lines of code used. Examples of Server Side Scripting technologies used include:



– Ruby on Rails

– Python


Examples of software development projects


1.) Natural Language Processing System for the Holy Quran


This app is designed to understand the natural language of a text so as to complete a specific goal. Since the Holy Quran is in the most natural language known to man, analyzing it using the Natural Language Processing System would help users to see the various things that the NLP can do. This is a good example of how web app development can be used in everyday life.


2.) Newspaper Delivery System


This system is designed to facilitate the distribution of newspapers in small towns. This system manages the everyday prints to be delivered, keep records of who has received their copy, and keep track and distributed bills to the clients.


3.) Student Housing System


This is a system that manages the housing of students in learning institutions. This system should keep track of the number of students hosted throughout the year, the number checking in and out, manage the history of those that have stayed and keep track of the inventory of the furniture in the rooms.


How to develop web applications

web application development
How to develop web applications

There are various steps that one has to go through so as to come up with a good web application. This web application development process, in general, includes planning, design, developing and maintaining the app. However, there are other intricate parts that are involved, and they include:


1.) Obtaining all the necessary information- this step involves gathering all the necessary information, such as the intended function of the app, the intended users and the way in which the app is intended function.


2.) Planning- at this step, the programmer comes up with rudimentary data that they can present to potential clients as a sketch up of how the site will work.


3.) Design- this is the step where one can finally see the website starting to make sense to the layman’s eye, so to speak. At this stage, images and videos are added.


4.) Writing the content and assembling- the text that is uploaded onto the application is just as important as the design and images. At this stage, attractive headlines, catchy texts, and catchy phrases and text editing are all done at this stage.


5.) Coding- this is the actual website building phase. Here, the programmer starts by coding the homepage, and then the other pages come later.


6.) Testing and launching- this is a routine step but just as important as all the other steps. Here, all the links on the websites are tested to make sure they are all working properly.


7.) Maintenance- a very important thing to remember is that a website is more of a service than a product, and therefore, even when it is working properly, one needs to be prepared for eventualities. This means regular maintenance.


Even though the steps for web app development have been laid out and clearly explained, the actual programming of these applications can be, at times, painstaking and borderline gruesome, causing headaches and the need for an endless supply of coffee. Fortunately, there are a number of web application development tools that make your work easier. These web application development services handle the back end while the programmer handles the front end. Some of the best tools for this job include Osbay. these web application development companies took it upon themselves to make work easier for upcoming programmers.With Osbay though, there’s no risk. Send an inquiry today get a quote free of charge. Come to see what we can do for you.

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