Developing Mobile Web Applications: Why, and Who to Find

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Developing Mobile Web Applications: Why, and Who to Find

Mobile usage has tremendously increased over the past few years. Over five billion people own a cell phone with smartphones representing the constantly growing percentage. Majority of the people owning smartphone access the internet through their devices. That number has doubled in the last five years similar to the number of users using and downloading mobile applications. More so, a third of people using the internet use their mobiles to go online on internet platforms and emails. This has come with many options to promote or share ideas out there. However, web and mobile app development is the most effective and superior option when it comes to digital space. This article goes through why and who to find in developing mobile web applications.


Why Should You Do Mobile Web Application Development?

mobile web applications
Mobile Web Application Development

More developers are migrating to web interface applications. Web applications are cheaper and faster which makes them the best option as compared to native mobile apps. More so, you can reach anyone out there as they only need a URL to access your website using any device. This is especially when it comes to supporting a wide range of devices. Even though they provide a fine user experience, native apps have many adoption barriers and are limited to specific devices.

Mobile web applications bring together the best elements of native apps and mobile apps while leaving out their shortcomings. Some of the reason why you should get into mobile web applications is that you can easily create them using (HTML/CSS/JS) one stack. More so, web apps do not require submission into the app store as they run in all browsers for all types of devices from mobiles to desktops. Famous mobile web app examples include Escapade, Paint the coast and Skyward. In years to come, mobile web applications will dominate as developers will have the freedom of choosing the mobile web app that suits their projects best.


  1. Exception

mobile web applications

Exception is the company to visit for rich mobile and web applications that satisfy the complex and unique business requirements of your company. It designs and develops advanced features to come up with a robust and intrusive application for there customers. Their team of developers has highly experienced and talented minds who have special expertise in web and mobile app development technology. They will come up with mobile web apps that give a simplified end-user interaction for high business performance.


  1. Osbay

mobile web applications

Osbay is among the best web and app development companies. It gives the best mobile solutions for Android, iOS and windows devise. Osbay specializes in developing integrated mobile applications to provide the desired outcome and experience for their employees and customers. The company cooperates with its customers in defining the requirements, coming up with a technology strategy and mapping out a project schedule through leading web technologies such as full JavaScript frameworks, LAMP, Net, and Java. Osbay has already achieved high ranking web and mobile app development with a wide range of customers from different industries.


  1. Otreva

mobile web applications

This is a company that offers mobile app development services. Mobile applications need to give the user a fantastic experience. That is why Otreva is determined in helping you develop the best mobile web applications. The company develops everything from simple content management systems to enterprise-grade web applications. You can always consult them in your plan of creating digital applications.


  1. Viddapt
mobile web applications

Viddapt is one of the best platforms to build engaging, compelling and multiplatform mobile web applications. The company is proud of delivering the best digital and dynamic applications through its team of engineers, designers, and developers. They offer solutions to all your business needs regardless of the type of mobile application you have in mind. Some of the mobile solutions include; web-based hybrid apps, android apps, native cross-platform apps, and full native iOS.


  1. CrossShore Solutions
mobile web applications
CrossShore Solution

That is a web and mobile app development company. It offers web, mobile and enterprise solution. With the understanding that today’s business entails the business owners to have mobile devices, the company works on all major platforms to develop effective smartphone apps. Some of these platforms include android for phones and tablets, windows mobile devices and iOS for iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The company develops mobile web applications of your preference, not just any other mobile device. They also provide web and mobile app development services.



The need for user-friendly, high performance and effective mobile application is continuously increasing as the sophistication and variety of mobile devices expand. It is hence essential that you can be able to carry out the web and mobile app development efficiently. As compared to the native mobile application, mobile web apps are way ahead in giving you more efficient apps. With Osbay though, there’s no risk. Send an inquiry today get a quote free of charge. Come to see what we can do for you.

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