TSMC’s AI Management Revolution: The Development and Application of the Smart Dialogue Robot tGenie

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TSMC’s Innovative Development of the Smart Dialogue Robot tGenie

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), a leader in the semiconductor industry, has developed the smart dialogue robot, tGenie, designed to assist employees in coding, translating, and report writing. Led by the Vice General Manager and Chief Information Officer Lin Hongda, a team of over 100 AI professionals developed this system in less than half a year. As a result, the tGenie is now available to over 60,000 TSMC employees, showcasing the pace of TSMC’s innovation.

The Rich Functionality and Benefits of tGenie

tGenie offers an array of functionalities beyond real-time conversation, translation, and report writing. It can also code and debug, as well as predict yield rates, inventory, prices, and staff turnover rates, aiding TSMC in optimal management across production, materials, sales, and HR departments. Furthermore, with the implementation of tGenie, TSMC no longer has to outsource translation tasks, resulting in estimated savings of around 100 million a year.

Liu Deyin Leading the AI Revolution with Lin Hongda at the Forefront

The AI management revolution at TSMC is driven by Chairman Liu Deyin, who encourages the large-scale use of AI for technological development, intelligent creation, workplace modernization, digital supply chain management, and the provision of high-performance cloud computing services. This initiative aims to promote team innovation and improve operational efficiency. Leading this transformation is Lin Hongda, who assembled a team of over a hundred engineers for the development of the smart dialogue robot tGenie.

TSMC’s AI Team Develops Large Language Models

TSMC’s AI team initiated the development of large language models at the beginning of this year. Their work includes the development and introduction of AI intelligent solutions, aiming at continuously optimizing operational performance and efficiency, and actively accelerating digital transformation.

The tGenie System: Part of TSMC’s AI Management Revolution

The launch of the tGenie system is just one part of TSMC’s AI management revolution. As early as 2019, TSMC had already begun introducing automation and AI technologies. They’ve implemented smart alert systems to assist intellectual property developers and utilized AI chatbots to aid in the management of intellectual property. Last year, TSMC developed AI hazard identification technology to detect unsafe operations and environments and send out alerts proactively. It has since been implemented in the 15A factory in Taichung.


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